The Confederate flag isn't the only offensive flag being flown these days.

The (nonexistent) debate surrounding the Confederate flag has led some savvy Redditors to uncover another example of how racism pervades everyday life in America. Yesterday, lokigodofchaos posted a picture of the official flag of the aptly-named Whitesboro, New York, and let's just say, it sends kind of a weird message.

A... historic... cultural exchange... ? (via Imgur)

Yeeeaahhhhhhh. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Does it vaguely resemble a white dude subduing a Native American in a chokehold? Yeahhhhhh.....

It's supposed to depict Whitesboro founder Hugh White wrestling with a Native American. The logo was instituted in the 1970s, after the original iteration had been protested by Native American groups. Yeah, this is the less offensive version of the flag.

The image has been the source of debate amongst local residents for quite some time. The pre-1970s flag depicted White's hands on the Native American's neck, so the town changed it to depict White's hands on his shoulders in order to make the wrestling seem more fun and less murder-y. A mayor suggested changing it again around a decade ago, but was met with resistance from local officials. It was challenged yet again a few years ago, when a different mayor defended it, stating that it "portrays a legendary, friendly wrestling match that White won, thereby gaining the local Indians' respect."


Maybe they could change it so the Native American is on top? Nah. They probably won't do that. They'll probably just change it so they're holding hands and smiling.

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