At this point, it's hard to say which twitter feeds are parodies since most of the more famous Twitter accounts have already become parodies of themselves (Donald Trump has to realize he's a punchline, right?). But these admittedly fake twitter accounts are spewing some very hilarious nonsense -- some parody, others just pointlessness. They're a welcome antidote to the self-aggrandizement of most feeds. We'll take the tweets of a feral pigeon over the tweets of Chris Brown any day. (above: KimKierkgaardashian)


@starvedafrican: Tweets that will make you throw away your computer in shame.


Fab Jesus: Jesus Christ, Fashion Week Star


Justin Buber: Rounding out the execrable celebrity plus revered philosopher mash-ups:


Updated 6/13/12:

@kevinneedsaride: Tweets of a man who could really use a ride to the airport.


@ZooeySiri: The many annoying Siri queries of Zooey Deschanel.


@OldManSearch: The many disturbing Google searches of one confused old man.


@FakeCat_Fancy: If Cat Fancy magazine was on Twitter, instead of having been turned into the entire internet.


@SiriAndJohn: The many unhinged Siri queries of John Malkovich.


@OneTweetTony: This guy nails it!