Maybe it's hiding in the empty Band-Aid box. (via)

As the earth's population continues to grow, humans are forced to live in ever closer proximity to each other, pissing each other off in new and disgusting ways. The neighbor note is the most effective medium to alert your neighbors to the myriad ways in which their way of life is destroying yours. So if you're going to leave one yourself and want to make sure your neighbors pay heed, take a cue from these authors and unload on that piece of paper with both barrels.


This is more impressive when you know their nearest neighbor is 50 yards away. (via)

"I've put up a calendar in the lobby. Pink post-its are for when it's a good time for sex with my husband, blue post-its are for when I should just go fuck myself." (via)

Either this guy's first language is Italian, or he should get to the hospital immediately for his broken dick. (via)

The next package better contain a doorbell. (via)

The recipient of the chatty pile-drive probably paid this neighbor to post this note. (via)

Updated 11/13/14:

Suicide by baby waking. (Via)

PPS. I think we are getting each other's mail. (Via)

There's no good way to find out your dog is a smoker. (Via)

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