1. Mammary Appraisal

Lots of people say they get their news from late night talk shows. But even that's too much of a commitment for us to take on. We limit our news gathering to live news blooper clips embarrassing enough to make it to Youtube. World events just go down better with a reporter accidentally humiliating himself and putting his career in jeopardy. There were a lot of these in 2011, and here are our favorites.


2. Aborted Liftoff


3. Me wan' go home (and nap).

4. Self-Loathing Reporter (advance to about :40)


5. Wrong Guest Feels So Right.


6. Drinking Hurricanes With Irene


7. How A Typo Changed The World


8. Grab A Hot What?


9. The Most Freudian Slips In A Single Weather Forecast.


10. Smoking Reporter Reports On Smoke.


11. American Not-So-Much Beauty


12. Full-Frontal Weather Channel

With bonus screencap (NSFW):