This is why we always go with unsubscribing over defriending. Our renter's insurance clearly states that Facebook induced fires aren't covered.

So it's starting to look like having a quick and easy way for people to stay connected to each other 24/7 is more than we as a species can handle. Based on these headlines, we were clearly better off when we had to pick up a phone or bump into someone at the grocery store before we could bludgeon them for a perceived slight. Or maybe people going to jail over a website is the real measure of your website's success. We doubt we'll never come across the headline: "Man assaulted over his placement in a Google Plus circle." 



Another way in which Facebook has made being a mom so much easier.


We once called 911 to report 846 missing persons after none of our Facebook friends clicked like on our vacation pics.


He was armed with a Selena Gomez figurine but he couldn't retrieve it in time from his ankle holster.


We'd feel better about friending our mom on Facebook if we knew she'd have our back like this.

A school policy that would ensure not a single female in America will ever graduate high school again.


Man, we couldn't even get our Dad to show up at our little league games.


Facebook is the perfect way to reconnect with friends so you can beat the living crap out of them.