This is why Man first left the jungle. The plants were eating his testosterone.

The redditor who uploaded this picture said it all in his title: "My landlord is an openly gay florist. He is a great landlord who has not raised the rent on us in three years. However this comes with a price..." That price being major over-share. "Hey, I thought three dudes living alone could use a plant to make the place look better" makes total sense. One guy living in an apartment can be kind of messy and aesthetically depressing, three guys is a pigsty by definition. The testosterone of three (3) hot Irish boys and the cum-filled situation can remain unsaid. 

Now that you've brought it up, however, the hot, sweaty, cum-filled environment is probably causing some mold problems and you should have someone check it out.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor stollchc1985