The car that "pranked the WORLD."

Remember that crazy-expensive Bugatti Veyron onto which some hero of the 99% spray-painted a red dong from yesterday? Seemed too good to be true, right? That's because it was too good to be true. Turns out that's part of an as-yet-unreleased prank video that some pranksters are making to prank people into being totally pranked. 


Here's an Instagram post from the owner of the Bugatti in question:

I tried to embed this, but Instagram pranked me by making it unembeddable.

Spray-painting stuff on cars that you own. What an amazing prank! And we all fell for it because we're all a bunch of prankable suckers! And also because nowadays everything is a prank because anything counts as a prank!

Oh, by the way, on a completely different subject, today I met a dog who wears a baseball hat. Here's a picture he let me take:

"I'm a dog, and I'm really wearing a baseball hat."

Pranked you! That's my dog and my baseball hat! I got you so good! You totally thought that was an actual dog wearing an actual baseball hat, when it turns out it was only a prank dog wearing a prank baseball hat! Pranky prank prinkity prank prank!

Wow! It feels so good to have pranked you like that! What an exhilarating sensation this is! No wonder 96.7 percent of all posts on the Internet are pranks. I totally get it now!

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