There's a new documentary coming out about Malala Yousafzai, the girl who survived being shot in the face by a member of the Taliban, and the trailer is going to give you a lot of feels.

He Named Me Malala is an upcoming documentary about incredible 17-year-old peace activist Malala Yousafzai, who has repeatedly had the courage to stand up and fight for women's rights, even when it put her life in danger. But the thing I found so emotional about this trailer isn't the amazing things she's done — it's that the film shows how, despite these amazing things, Malala is still just a teenage girl. She has little brothers and a crush on Roger Federer, and she covers her mouth when she laughs in a way that's really similar to how I self-consciously covered my mouth when I was in high school. That contrast makes the things she's done so much more incredible.


The documentary will be released in October of this year. If her story inspires you to help, you can donate to her cause on the Malala Fund site.

Sources: h/t Mashable