Trapped in the wreck, the girls used their Taylor Swift concert bracelets to attract attention.

Caroline and Elizabeth Dazzio. (via WBRZ)

Last week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, teenager Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister Caroline and a friend home, when she fell asleep. The car careened off the road and hit a pole, finally coming to a rest far enough from the 110 highway that passersby couldn't see the wreck. Elizabeth was passed out in front, the girls in back were trapped inside, and according to Caroline, "You could smell the gas and smoke." They knew they needed to get help, but the only cell phones they could find were dead.

The bracelets' lights synced up with Swift's show. (via WBRZ)

That's when Caroline and her friend realized that they could use the light-up bracelets they had gotten earlier that night at a Taylor Swift concert to possibly attract attention. The girls banged the bracelets against the windows, causing them to illuminate. Thankfully, one driver passing by saw them. According to Caroline, it was so difficult to see the car that the woman who stopped to help "said that all she could see was smoke, and she couldn't tell what kind of car it was or anything."

The vehicle, post-accident. (via WBRZ)

Thankfully, all the girls are alive and safe, and Taylor herself Tweeted how happy she was that they're doing all right:

Sources: h/t LAist | WBRZ