A judge ruled in favor of writing obscenities on your g*ddamn piece of sh!t speeding tickets.

Driving the message home with ALL CAPS.

Back in 2012, Willian Barboza received a speeding ticket while driving through Liberty, Connecticut. He was super pissed off, but he did the lawful thing and mailed in his payment. He also replaced the town's name with "TYRANNY" and added "FUCK YOUR SHITTY TOWN BITCHES" in a blank space on the ticket. He expressed the true sentiment of anyone who's ever received an out-of-town speeding ticket. Here's a close-up of the message:

Give me tyranny or give me a fine.

Willian was surprised when Justice Brian P. Rourke informed him that his payment was rejected and he had to haul @ss back up to sh*tty Liberty, CT to appear in court. While in court, Willian was cuffed and thrown in county jail, because apparently his note was considered "aggravated harassment" by the assistant district attorney. He literally got arrested for six offensive, yet harmless, poorly handwritten words on a speeding ticket.

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