On May 21, a cruise line called Eco Abrolhos shared a video of a tiger shark feeding frenzy in Australia, where a whale carcass provided a thrilling, horrific scene for tourists and a thrilling, delicious scene for sharks.

Steep Point, near the site of the shark-lunch, is the westernmost point of mainland Australia, situated just south of Dirk Hartog Island. All that information comes, fittingly, from Sharkbay.org. The website also has a "things to do" section, of which not even one is "get eaten by a hungry shark when you fall off your tiny boat!"

Hopefully, all those gawkers floating in red water had already feasted on the shrimp buffet on the main cruise ship— 

Day 4 of 14 on the Geraldton to Broome island adventure cruise at Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island watching 70 tiger...

Posted by Eco Abrolhos on Friday, May 20, 2016

—because that scene is going to make you vomit. Or make you wish you had your own version of a whale carcass to go crazy on with a group of your closest friends. Who's up for fish?