Looks like the biller has become...the billed.

Abandon all hope, all ye who have cable and Internet packages. (via Thinkstock)

It's a cliché at this point to talk about how terrible Time Warner customer service is, but this story takes their incompetence to a new extreme. It doesn't involve a customer being on hold for a long time or getting charged for something they didn't order—oh no, that's kids' stuff compared to this—it involves Time Warner eschewing their usual organizational incompetence and actively being dicks to someone who, by the way, wasn't even a customer.

Luiz Perez was a Time Warner customer with an unpaid bill. He then switched his phone number (hmmm, I wonder why). Araceli King, who had nothing to do with Time Warner at all, got Perez's old phone number when she got a new phone. Time Warner didn't note Perez's change of phone number and kept calling King about Perez's bills. King called Time Warner about it and had a seven-minute phone call with a representative, but afterwards, Time Warner continued to call. King then sued the company, and they still kept calling, 74 more times.


Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a law meant to regulate automated calling systems, Time Warner Cable has to pay King $1,500 per call, which amounts to a total of $229,500 in payments. In a usual attempt to shirk their responsibility for anything, Time Warner is trying to fight the case by arguing that they didn't know it was not Perez. A judge called the company's actions "egregious," and said it was "incredible" that they wouldn't have known it wasn't Perez, seeing as King informed them twice about it. The official trial will go down on July 27th, but it looks like things are leaning in King's favor. Fingers crossed that King's phone goes off in the middle of the trial with a call from Time Warner.

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