All right, so you're on a train and you're hungry, so you'll just go grab something from the café car—except, oops, you're on a train with NO FOOD. The situation is now dire. What can you do? One brave man, a British DJ, faced this very dilemma on Saturday when he boarded a five-hour train from Glasgow to Sheffield. And after some quick thinking, he did what before could only be dreamed about—he ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the train. How, you ask? Well, luckily, he was kind (and smug) enough to live-tweet the whole thing.

The predicament:

Inspiration strikes:

The solution:

The result:

And, as luck would have it, suddenly, there was liquor.

And sharing, because sometimes people are nice.

And all was right in the end. So right that the DJ did it all over again the next day with a friend.


Voila! A whole new era in train dining.