Tweeting on the mic to her boy's toys.

Twitter is weird. We're used to it now, but when it was still new to us, most of us weren't quite sure just what we were supposed to do with 140 characters. So, if you go back and look at your very first tweet—which this new mini-site from Twitter lets you do—you may be surprised at how awkwardly you arrived in this new technology.

The same can be true for celebrities, who were probably thrilled at this opportunity to finally let down their hair and talk to their fans off the cuff like real people:

To be fair, some celebrities started off a little less marketing firm-ish:

Ha! What a pathetic number of retweets. Nowadays, if she tweets out some nonsense that most of us mumble to ourselves while brushing our teeth, she gets 6K retweets. And it's nothing compared to the response to her husband's first tweet:

Granted, that's actually how Kanye West talks to people. In album promotions and in all-caps. And it's not really the primary Kanye tweet. His actual slightly-less self-promotional first tweet was was "Up early in the morning taking meetings in Silicone Valley." on July 28, 2010. He must have gone on a deleting (or detweeting) spree at some point.

Yeah, that seems like a legit Zooey Deschanel tweet. Especially if you set it to some plucky ukulele music.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but I feel like it's a perfect first tweet from Lorde, about whom I know nothing other than that she confuses people. 

Not a bad first tweet from CK. He got the hang of it right off the bat. And that's probably what he was saying to the stranger in the seat next to him. Other comedians had a shakier start:

Not terrible.

Not great.

Getting worse.

Rock bottom. But, I will admit that it's refreshing to see a tweet from Gervais in which he does not mention that he's an atheist. (By the way, did you know that Ricky Gervais is an atheist?)

Now that we're done with the important people, we can move on to the rest:

I don't remember how that worked out. Does anyone remember how that worked out?

(by Dennis DiClaudio, digester of sausages)

Sources: Twitter | h/t Uproxx