Their new PR head is a hip twenty-something Salafi jihadist with a knack for social media.

Can we even count this as a victory? (via Getty)

Multiple Arabic language news outlets are reporting that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has issued an order for all ISIS affiliates to tone down their beheading videos. According to the International Business Times:

Baghdadi has ordered ISIS militants to only show the initial slitting of the prisoner's throat and the final scene of the victim's head placed on the body, the Al-Quds al-Arabi daily has reported.

He's asking them to show the beheadings without the "beheading" beheading part, for fear that "Muslims [...] may regard the scenes as disgusting and scary to children."

I like how he says people may regard the beheadings as disgusting or scary, as if he's a college administrator worried that a campus comedy group's latest sketch might be interpreted as offensive. Also, is anyone on the fence about ISIS? Is anyone like, "You know, I used to be turned off by ISIS, but they started implying the beheadings instead of showing them, so now I'm totally on board!"?


As with all ISIS-related news, it's unclear exactly how authentic the report is, and it's being met with mixed reactions from different factions within the organization. Some see it as welcome sensitivity, while others think it will harm ISIS's abilities to intimidate Westerners. Let's just say that if this is an argument you're having, you're probably not a safe person to be around.

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