Fuel-Efficient Cars:
A good way to ensure future generations are able to park like a**holes in a nice environment.

With perhaps the exception of fundraising emails from Obama and/or having a conversation with anyone born after 1995, there are few things more annoying than a**holes who can't (or worse, won't) park like civilized human beings. What exactly motivates a person to behave with such a clear disdain for society and white painted lines? Some suggest bad parenting, others low lQ, and still others, hallucinogenic drugs. But while theories may differ greatly in focus, within each lies the universal agreement that these people are complete douchebags and should be mocked openly on the Internet whenever possible. These 20 examples constitute our effort to do just that.


"Hmm, how can I screw over two handicapped people by parking only one car?"

"I wonder why there's only one garage in this parking lot?"

Even if the goal were to park directly on top of the white line, he effed this up.

Congrats on doing the exact opposite thing you're supposed to do.

In fairness, it still takes up about as much space as a single Hummer. 

Later he'll argue that it's OK because he's mentally handicapped — and we'll believe him.


Professional a**holes on a closed course, do not attempt Double Hummer Block at home.

In fairness, the handicapped person who was going to park there could have been a terrorist.

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