The best part about the Internet, besides seeing idiots humiliate themselves on Facebook, is having the opportunity to learn about places and people without ever having to leave the bathroom.

Model American

Despite all this inter-connectivity, each country still has its own quirks that are commonplace there, but would seem totally bizarre anywhere else. For example, here in America, it's perfectly normal pick your teeth in public with one of those floss picks and leave them on the ground (or at least that's what my deskmate would have me believe). Today, the people of reddit shared the uniquely weird things they do in their countries.

1. qimerra from Japan says it's perfectly normal to force your own snot backwards into your nostrils.

Sniffing incessantly is acceptable in Japan, whereas nose blowing in public is considered disgusting.

2. GayAndFired says in Mexico everyday is the plot to Ransom.

When I was a kid growing up in Mexico, if I was misbehaving my mom would point at a random man and say something like, "behave or that man will take you with him". Weirdest part about it was that most of the time the man went along with it. It always worked, but I can't see something like that being done in the states.