On Sunday, a 23-year-old woman in Boca Raton, FL was bitten in the arm by a 2-foot-long baby nurse shark that refused to let go, even after it died. According to witnesses, people were antagonizing the shark earlier in the water, doing mean stuff that only assholes do to animals. It's not clear if the woman had anything to do with that, why the shark chose to bite her after it had been riled up, and why it got so attached (oof, sorry) to her. Either way, it stuck to her arm and never gave up, even after a beachgoer killed it. That is some serious dedication. Respect.

Onlooker Nate Pachter, 11, who was snorkeling nearby with his cousin, told the Sun Sentinel he saw a group of people in the water "holding the shark by its tail. They were messing with it." This is why it's not a super smart idea to mess with sharks (besides the part where you're a jerk if you hurt an animal). Nate went on to explain, "Sharks are like the most humane thing ever. So it wouldn't bite them if they hadn't been messing with it." See? Nate is 11, and he knows this.