Port-a-Potties are the worst. They're especially bad at festivals, where they've been used by thousands of people. For one woman at a music and beer festival in the UK last weekend, her Port-a-Potty experience became infinitely worse when the Port-a-Potty began to move while she was on the toilet. (No, it didn't move spontaneously, like the Port-a-Potty in this gif.)

Staff moved the Port-a-Potties because of a security incident, but obviously failed to check if anybody was in there.

David Munden, the event chairman, told the Plymouth Herald:

We went to move the ladies toilets, and despite checking and calling we got no response... So they moved the toilet out to let the ambulance in, and when it moved she screamed and said she was locked in it. They released her and luckily she saw the funny side of it. We have to make the toilets moveable because of letting emergency vehicles in.

The funny (and smelly) side of it. We're glad she was able to laugh about it, because like, what else can you do when you're trapped in a moving Port-a-Potty?