1. Is that an abandoned waterslide or did they just skimp on the luge course this year? (via)

I'm not qualified to explain exactly how Russia failed to complete their Olymic village on time for the start of the Games on Friday, despite cost overruns that make American contractors look like meticulous accountants. I will also not be the one to have the last word on Russia's hateful anti-gay campaigns, why Russians like to poop next to each other, why they lied about fixing the dual-toilet rooms, how they're killing hundreds of stray dogs every night, or how the water is laced with things that will burn your face. But these pictures sum it up pretty well. Update: when we first put this together, we were worried that Russia would fix everything this week before the opening. Nope! We've got a lot more fun pictures now! And there's so many more out there. Check #SochiProblems (or just Google "Sochi") for way more.

All I have to say is this: na na na na na na. Rus-sia su-ucks. Eat it, Russia. 

2. Maybe the Russians are just mad about that multi-cultural Coke ad.

3. Some claim the wires are powering a water heater in the shower head itself.
Which is a lot more reassuring than the stories of cameras in bathrooms.


4. It turns out the most famous bathroom on Earth is for ladies, too. Is it also co-ed?

5. I'm no expert, but floors are important in buildings. Ah! Sorry, Putin! I'm not complaining!

6. Did someone put Doge in charge of maintenance? Wow. Such clogs.

7. That sign was immediately arrested for gay extremism.

8. CNN had booked 11 rooms weeks earlier (or so their intern claimed).

9. The only Olympics built for frustrated Olympians, by frustrated Olympians.

10. ...does that mean I should make sure there IS a gun in the tank before I move on?

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