This better be planned, or else I'd be worried for the safety of the people on the right. (Getty)
(See video below)

No one accuses Russians of not having a sense of humor (they don't, really, but Putin is always listening, so no one says it), but they surprised the world by poking fun at themselves for the technical difficulties they had in the Opening Ceremony. That screw-up, where one of the light sculptures representing the Olympic Rings failed to open from a snowflake into a ring:

That's actually an asterisk meant to represent doped-up Olympians. (Getty)

After a Games filled with stray dog exterminations, bobsledders breaking down bathroom doors, wolf pranks, and tons of people wiping out on the rapidly melting and hastily constructed snow courses, the idea of Russia making any jokes about errors in these games seemed unlikely. But the Russians were probably in a good mood after two weeks in the warm, sunny resort town of Sochi, so they went with a crowd-pleaser.

The Cold War would have been a lot more fun if the US & USSR had a sense of humor.

Watch the choreographed display of self-deprecation here:

The phrase "very good" can mean 16,000 things to British people.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: | Leah Goldman on Twitter