You put a what in my where? Why?!

According to his YouTube page, Joey Salads is a guy who does "pranks and mind blowing social experiments." I'm not sure that dropping pills into women's drinks to show how easy it is qualifies as "mind blowing," but the fact that he doesn't get the shit kicked out of him by the end of the video might. I realize that he's not actually trying to drug these women, and I acknowledge that people should know how easy it is to get drugged, but something about this isn't sitting right with me.

Maybe it's the fact that the "mind blowing social experiments" on his YouTube page are mixed right in with the "pranks." Seeing a video that highlights the ease with which he abducts a person's child next to one in which he scares people by pretending to be a mafia hit victim doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence in his motivations.


Or maybe it's just that he should keep his goddamned hands out of people's drinks!

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