The world on time... and in pieces.

I'm generally not in favor of replacing human jobs with robots, but I'll make an exception for the idea of replacing delivery people with drones. These drones may well deliver things to the wrong address, they may drop packages accidentally from great heights, and they might rise up and enslave their human masters. But at least they won't drop-kick your package onto your roof, because a.) they don't have legs and b.) they don't have the programming to hate you and your stupid packages and this stupid job. Not like these humans. 

The first video compilation at top is new, having just been put together by RSVLTS this week. The others, posted here below, are ones we've been hoarding over the years like so many iPads that got "lost" in the mail at Christmastime.

The "Season's Greetings"

The "Shattered Electronics Slide"

The "Fencetop Dishware Fracturer"

The "Underhanded Vase Fragmenter"

The "Long Distance iPad Cracker"

The "Chest Pop Pulverizer"

The "Leaning Tower Of Pieces"

The "Front Porch Fine Crystal Cruncher"

The "Load & Imploder"

The "Pile O' Breakables"

The "What can Brown kick the crap out of for you?"

(by Johnny McNulty)