"There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path." -Morpheus

Jacob Williamson of Cape Coral, Fl might not have been one of the two kids who ended up having to share the Scripps Spelling Bee championship trophy, prize money, washer-dryer set and free year's supply of auto-correct yesterday, but he won so much more. He won our hearts.


Jacob wasn't your typical, fidgety bee boy, shuffling up to the mic and muttering his letters dispassionately as he climbed through the rounds. Dude was there to spell, and spell big. If Jacob knew the word, he was celebrating before he even got the first letter out. "I know it!" he'd shout. Then when the spelling was done, pure triumph.

Which made his elimination all the more thrilling. Given the word "kabaragoya," Jacob responded with his signature certainty. "I know it!" he repeated with such certainty the judges would have been forgiven if they'd just trusted him and let him advance.

Unfortunately, this was one occasion when Jacob's confidence was misplaced. 

Screw it. Change the spelling. Will anyone be hurt if we all agree to change that K to a C? A kabaragoya is a giant lizard (water monitor) in Asia, so it's not like he even knows what his name is. Jacob's the only one who's ever going to care how to spell that word (shut up, zoologists!), so let's honor his passion and change it to a C. Dictionaries are all online now anyway so it's not like we need to reprint them all. 

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