The problem with these bigoted commenters is that they don't know English.

Excuse me, sir. Can I see your papers? (screengrab via WCAX)


A state senator in Vermont has brought forward a proposal to adopt a new Latin state motto. The proposed motto—Stella quarta decima fulgeat—means "May the fourteenth star shine bright." It's a reference to Vermont being the 14th state in the union and also something that used to appear on state coins.

Currently, Vermont has "Freedom and Unity" as its (English) motto, and this Latin motto would be separate.

But who can focus on such nuances with the imminent invasion of the Latin speakers?!

When local news station WCAX reported on the senator's proposal, people were furious.

And very confused. They thought "Latin" was the language spoken by people from "Latin America," and were distressed by immigrants who are taking over.

All the screengrabs of hilariously racist/stupid/xenophobic comments below are via If You Only News. Sadly, the Facebook page of WCAX has now been taken over by well-meaning smarties trying to put these bigots in their place (and ruining all the fun in the process).

Sources: BDCWire