A face that perfectly encapsulates that "oh, shit" feeling.

Watching this video may be the most painful moment of your Monday. A ball boy for the Kansas City Royals accidentally fielded a fair ball during the fourth inning on Sunday. He scooped it up and handed it off to a kid in the crowd, all without realizing the ball was still in play. 

As a result, the Yankees were awarded a ground-rule double. The kid's face as he realizes what he's done is just devastating. Quick, someone tell him about Roy Riegels! (Nobody tell him about Steve Bartman!)

In the next inning, a ball that was clearly a foul landed right next to him, and the ball boy refused to budge. This passivity pretty much sums up my approach to sports for my entire childhood—at least if you're doing nothing, you're not doing something wrong. 


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Deadspin