NBC Bay Area news was at San Francisco International Airport over the weekend, talking with football fans who'd come into town for Sunday's Super Bowl. That's when they happened upon Broncos fan/interview gold Justin Kerrigan, who admitted that he'd spent $21,000 on tickets to the game but then quickly added, "Don't tell my wife!" Smart, Justin! Now there's no way she'll ever know.  


The clip opens with the reporter asking, "How much did you spend?" and Kerrigan answering, "Twenty-one." Then the reporter asks, "And how much do you think you'll spend on the entire trip?" and Kerrigan's response, "Thirty grand," throws him for a loop. Kerrigan clarifies, "Oh, I spent twenty-one thousand on the tickets." It's okay, though, because that's for four tickets, not just two. Whew! His wife would be so glad to hear that part, if she ever found out, which of course she won't, because he specifically told the world at large to keep it a secret. Nice job, buddy!