His foot is not that big, although that would be useful in soccer. I think. Maybe.
Whatever, I'm American.

If you're reading this, you are probably American (according to Google Analytics), and so you may or may not have learned German attacking midfielder Mesut Özil's name during the World Cup. I mean, yes, Germany won, but Mesut Özil is not the kind of name that rolls of American tongues. But what if I told you that he was awesome? What if I told you that before the World Cup, he paid for surgery for 11 Brazilian kids (in conjunction with BigShoe) as kind of a housewarming present for hosting the Cup?

And what if I told you he was upping that pledge after winning?

Our embed is on the fritz. Here's the YouTube link and the Big Shoe link.
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That's what you do when you win, people. A lot of people on Facebook are making a big deal about this being a wonderful example of Muslim charity, but I think the story here is about what it means to be a person. (There is a false story being spread that he gave the money to children in Gaza instead, which his spokesperson denies and just seems like a way to turn something really nice into something controversial for no reason.) After all, if you ignore the massive corporate sponsorships and government pork for infrastructure projects, isn't this what the World Cup is all about?

Can he get another trophy for being cool? And for muscle definition in his groin area?
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Just so you know, you can actually be this cool without playing soccer. You don't have to win a World Cup to help kids. It certainly makes them more excited to see you, though.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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