Started from the top, now it's—ouch.

Sitting in the very last rows of a major stadium usually means you have no chance of interacting with the players on the field. Sure, you might start a wave, or even a chant that the rest of the stadium might hear, but glory is reserved for the people close enough to get hit by a ball or to insult a player about his weight gain.

That is, until this guy at Britain's Wembley Stadium achieved the dream of frustrated sports fans and third graders everywhere at a Peru-Britain match by throwing a well-crafted paper airplane (made out of some nice, thick, glossy paper—that's a good airplane right there) all the way from the bleacher seats to the side of Peruvian defender Hansell Riojas's head. 

The accomplishment got a huge cheer out of the crowd, which was heartily deserved. However, this is soccer, so they probably would have also cheered if he had almost scored a direct hit and the game ended 0-0 between Riojas's head and paper airplanes. 

Also, it's pretty impressive that Riojas didn't immediately fall down while holding his knee in agony. Way to tough it out, bro.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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