Sadly, pulling off another one of these might have been our only shot.

If we come away remembering anything from yesterday's heartbreaking World Cup elimination of the USA, besides what a time-saver it is to start drinking at 4, it will be the name Tim Howard. His 16 saves set a record for the most saves by a World Cup goalie in the past 50 years.

Makes you think the guy can do anything. Well, he can, as this clip from 2012 clearly demonstrates:

A lot of people were celebrating Howard yesterday, including, briefly, Wikipedia:

He might not be the American Jesus (that's Kanye), but he is the American who single-handedly gave us some global cred yesterday. Since Gwyneth and Chris uncoupled, many Americans felt like we were losing a toe-hold overseas. After yesterday, Tim Howard is our ambassador. 

(by Bob Powers)

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