On the plus side, he managed to hold gravity to a tie by landing on the awning.
(via Natalie Fertig, Miami Herald)

If you watched Sunday's US-Portugal World Cup match, you remember when Silvestre Varela scored with a header at the very last second, causing many people to feel like their heart fell through their stomach. Except for soccer super-fan Eric Corey, who felt (correctly) like his heart, stomach, head, legs and everything else were falling backwards out of a bar window as he reacted in shock. Thankfully, according to the Miami Herald, he's OK.

Corey is a member of the American Outlaws, who got their tough name by really, really liking soccer. He's also a regular at the bar from which he fell, Fado's Irish Pub in Miami, FL (yes, Florida - although Miami's kind of a substate within that nuthouse). The bar had opened up its floor-to-ceiling windows on the upper level, and Eric Corey used the opportunity to stand on the ledge and lead people on the street in cheers. As you might imagine, a bunch of guys holding beers and waving their arms around to people down below led to a very slippery floor right by the window.

He had his back towards the window as the game entered its final minutes. Then, with only seconds on the clock, that beautiful and heartbreaking final goal was scored. Eric's friend Kenin Yombor watched what unfolded next. According to Yombor, after Eric's initial expression of sadness and disappointment, another look came over his face. "I saw that he knew—he spread his arms out to stop himself from falling out, but he saw that he was going out the window."

As you can see here from the picture, Corey very luckily hit an awning. He eventually refused to be admitted to a hospital, and went home instead. He hasn't spoken to any media, but he told his friends on Facebook that he was alright.

The rest of the Outlaws, however, are still in shock. About the game. "It just hit me," said Kenin Yombor, "we tied. After all that, we tied."

Way to focus on the important stuff, Kenin.

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(by Johnny McNulty)

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