The 2015 Melbourne Cup was just won by Michelle Payne riding a horse named Prince of Penzance. This is pretty awesome, because she's the first female jockey ever to win. Horse racing is a pretty male-dominated sport, but Michelle Payne comes from a famous racing family. In fact, eight of her nine siblings have been jockeys, though none have ever won such a huge race before. But she wasn't the only Payne member at the Melbourne Cup. Her brother Stephen Payne is her strapper, and she credits him as a part of her success. They're just so cute, it's ridiculous:

My favourite person 😘

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Stephen has Down syndrome, and his presence in the stables and at the race is considered a great opportunity for visibility for people with disabilities. Michelle talked about how wonderful it is to see him working in an interview:

I think he'll be great. It's great to be able to share this experience with him...We were always the youngest two growing up and spent a lot of time together... it's great for him to have such an important role...I think it's great for other people with Down syndrome - to see how capable they can be in normal life. Stevie can pretty much do anything, and look after himself when he's on his own.

Sources: BBC