After winning two STP 500 races at Martinsville this past Sunday, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch continued to win at life by surprising one fan on the road. In a video post, Busch pulled up next to Darienne Breazeale's car, rolled down his window, and simply said, "Sup."

It only took that one syllable for Breazeale to squeal with utter joy. Take a look at the delightful moment, below:


Posted by Kyle Busch on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Later, Breazeale found the post and you can practically hear her squealing in this comment:  

Darienne Breazeale: Im the one in the video Kyle!! You absolutely made my life! I couldn't have asked for anything better to happen to me!! I am your absolute biggest fan and always will be! It was amazing to see you win twice this weekend!!! Absolutely amazing!!

Kyle Busch: Darienne Breazeale safe travels, email when u can.


Surprises are only as great as the reactions they get, and Kyle Busch totally nailed it.