The male gaze is alive and well. All you need to do is look to the 2016 Olympics coverage, captured perfectly in this tweet...


Janice Loreck, a Teaching Associate in the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University, describes the "male gaze" as...

"The 'male gaze' invokes the sexual politics of the gaze and suggests a sexualised way of looking that empowers men and objectifies women. In the male gaze, woman is visually positioned as an 'object' of heterosexual male desire. Her feelings, thoughts and her own sexual drives are less important than her being 'framed' by male desire."

So this photo, showing the athleticism of the female athletes in action, is an accurate portrayal of the intent of the two athletes.

Actual photo of female athletes being athletes.

Whereas this photo screams Look at that one ladies butt!!

Actual photo of female athletes being sexualized.