President Obama attempted to do the splits along with the Final Five when he hosted the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams at the White House on Thursday. Yes, he failed miserably, but good on him for trying. The gymnastics team won't be getting a new member, but the man can't be good at everything, right?

According to People, Obama poked fun at himself, saying, "I want you to know that I was going to do, like, a floor routine on the way out with Simone. But we decided it was a little too crowded." Yes, very crowded, and as FLOTUS Michelle Obama pointed out, "And he can't touch his toes." Right, that, too.

The president made a point of acknowledging the accomplishments of the women on the team, saying "One of the reasons our country is so proud of this year’s Team USA is 2016 belonged to America’s women Olympians. As the father of two young women, for them to have that example of health, and drive, and competition, and persistence, and strength—it makes me really proud."