Yesterday was tough for Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton—first, his team lost the Super Bowl, and then he got called "boy" on Twitter by former Denver Bronco/current racist jerkoff Bill Romanowski.

Ohhh no, he didn't. But oh yes, he did.

Romanowski, who has since deleted the tweet (too late, buddy, the world has already seen it), wrote on Twitter: “You’ll never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around you, boy! #CamNewton” in response to Newton abruptly walking out of a post-game interview. 

Newton looking, well, defeated at yesterday's post Super Bowl presser.

Then, when people told him his tweet came across as racist (as if he didn't know), he clarified by saying: "Calm down everyone! I meant he needs to grow up!"

Nothing calms people down like straight-up telling them to "calm down," right?