The Giants don't know what happened to predictability.

The San Francisco Giants made a promotional video for their upcoming Full Clubhouse night at AT&T Park. They did a fantastic and fun job recreating the Full House opening sequence. And how do you turn an ordinary Giants game into a Full House theme night? You give away snow globes! These aren't just any snow globes, they're special because they say "Full Clubhouse." Plus "various in-game entertainment pieces will be themed around this iconic television series." Since snow globes are lame, let's hope it means the night will be filled with guest appearances by stars from the show.

The best way that plays out is that John Stamos sings the National Anthem, Bob Saget throws the opening pitch, and Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) sings during the seventh-inning stretch. The real dream would be if the Olsen twins parachuted down onto the field, which would be relatively simple because you can jump out of a plane without a parachute when you're that thin.


Here's hoping The Chicago White Sox do a Family Matters theme night with Urkel snow globes.

Sources: BuzzFeed