I wonder what they do for the commercials?

This avid Brazil fan is named Carlos Santana, but that's one of the least cool things about him. He's deaf, he's blind, and he's ready to watch Brazil crush the insignificant soccer insects that are the Croatian team.

This video was posted by Carlos' friend Hélio Araújo Fonseca, a Brazilian Sign Language instructor. He's the one guiding Carlos' hands, along with his wife Regiane Cunha Pereira, who is providing color commentary on Carlos' back.

Brazilians belong to the family of nations that talk with their hands, but this takes it to a whole new level. Hélio is guiding Carlos' fingers around a miniature soccer field while Regiane gives him information like the numbers of the attackers and defenders, whether something was a pass or a shot, penalties, and goals. Watching Carlos watch the game is cool, but the best part might be when he celebrates a goal with remarkably camera-aware poise.

Someone may beat Brazil on the field this year, but I don't think anyone is going to be able to touch their fans.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Helios Araujo Fonseca