These colors don't run. Even when they're covered in syrup. (via)

The only thing Americans love more than winning at sports is making money. That's how the all-American calorie factory Waffle House is preparing for today's World Cup match, by combining patriotism, product placement, and good old fashioned smack talk aimed at Belgians and their waffles.


It started with a simple tweet with the above image along with "And today we will dominate #USA." That caught the attention of waffle-loving Americans with an appetite for victory, and things became heated enough to melt butter.

The most American of news outlets even got involved to hyperbolically raise the stakes.

Waffle House then dropped the most disrespectful waffle tweet imaginable.

New York City's Belgian waffle restaurant Wafels & Dinges was clearly feeling the heat, and attempted to cool things down with a little promotional goodwill of their own.

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