This lucky lady had courtside tickets to the Cavaliers/Golden State Warriors game on Christmas, but forgot that sitting in the front row has one major drawback—it makes mocking athletes like LeBron James a decidedly riskier activity. After James appealed the referees' decisions several times in the game, she decided to make her feelings known to the loudly-dressed Warriors fans sitting next to her, making the universal symbol for "check out this crybaby." At that exact moment, however, the 6'8" crybaby just happened to turn around and catch her.

Let this be a reminder that if your favorite part of attending NBA games is making fun of the guys on the hardwood (and many do), save yourself a huge chunk of money and sit safely in the back. Here's another clip of the exchange:


Nice recovery, lady, although it would have helped if you feigned more interest in that cold bottle of water that guy was proudly offering you.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed