By Dan Abromowitz


Spring break's in full swing, and from Cancun to Orlando, American 20-somethings are doing pretty much anything they want to. Even though there's no shortage of social lubrication (and regular type), though, piercing the pervasive haze of intoxication to meet people and make friends isn't always easy. Here are a few all-purpose opening lines to make your spring break a social slam dunk:

1. No wonder they call it "spring" break... get a load of those lilacs!

2. Have you seen my friend Molly? I'm worried she's dead.

3. I love that bikini! Is yours medicated too?

4. Are you Harmony Korine? Yeah, same.

5. What do you think of Chad? Has he taken you out on his dad's boat? Don't go out on his dad's boat.

6. Where are you from? Do they have EDM this good there?