Liquor is one way out and death's the other. (via LA Splash)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof won the Pulitzer for drama in 1955. This year the drama took place off the stage. A Los Angeles revival of the play was cancelled this week after John Lacey, the man playing Big Daddy, left the stage mid-scene to confront a drunken heckler. The audience member, who had been seen drinking during intermission with his friend, had been yelling and cat-calling throughout the show. He crossed the line for Lacey when, after the character Big Daddy asked Brick why he doesn't kiss Maggie, the heckler yelled out "because he's a fag." And before you ask, both Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber have plausible alibis. According to Lacey in an interview with Playbill, 

"Brick tried to respond, and he said it again. I just said, 'What did you say, motherf*cker?' ... I went through our fake stage door, took off my vest, went into the audience -- as he stood proudly to stare at me with a stupid grin on his face - [and] I pushed him, and he was drunk, so he just easily collapsed... I knew better than to start throwing punches, I had made my point. I silenced the heckler, and thankfully, one of the audience members -- this enormous 6'5", 280-lb. filmmaker named Tim Sullivan, who happened to be gay and was not at all happy with what was happening -- reached over and picked this guy up by his shirt collar and literally carried him out of the theatre." 

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