Set phasers to fun! (via redditor Mr. Weiler)


Star Trek is a triumph of the imagination. Specifically, it's a triumph of our ability to imagine that a shaky camera and actors flinging themselves around a room is really a deadly phaser blast slamming into the side of the Enterprise

Stop, drop, and mime. (via redditor geoffbutler)

Thanks to the popularization of .gif-stabilization Internet tools that let people retroactively take that camera shake out of shots, we can now see what the action really looked like on set. Behold the spectacle of watching our favorite characters wave their arms around and jump on furniture like five-year-olds playing make-believe, like in this video from YouTuber TheZequitube:

In fact, there's an entire forum on reddit devoted to these clips Star Trek, r/StarTrekStabilized (many created by the same redditor, geoffbutler). So forget the fact that we have to pretend that Star Trek takes place in a world where all races and species work together for the common good, or that there are multidemensional, omnipotent Q beings who choose not to run the universe for some reason. The biggest leap of the imagination we ever took with these shows is that these fight scenes didn't look ridiculous:

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