"Hey, look! It's an original Rick?"

So, some kid uglied up your nice pinkish-beige cinder-block-and-brick building with an inscrutable spray paint tag. What are you gonna do? What is there to do but throw away the building and replace it with a newer, cleaner one? Unless...

What if there was some way that you could make that worthless, dumb-looking graffiti into some valuable, dumb-looking art? As redditor HomeSteadmond demonstrates here, as long as you've got a little paper and a working printer, all your problems are solved:

"$3.89?! You'd be stupid not to buy it!"

If I'm recalling Art History 101 correctly, this is the exact same way that Rembrandt got his start in the art biz.

And just in case you're having a hard time believing that this is on the level, HomeSteadmond offers this photo as proof that it is not shopped.


Sources: redditor HomeSteadmond