So many arrows need to be taken in so many scumbag knees.

Yesterday's release of "10 Hours of Walking In NYC as a Woman," a hidden camera video documenting 10 hours of street harassment endured by one woman, was quite an eye-opener to many.  


Here, again, is the original:

It's already been viewed almost 5 million times in 24 hours, and everyone has a take on it. Naturally, over on reddit, one of the more upvoted takes referenced a video game.

"They are like Skyrim NPC's," wrote redditor DrEddgarAllenPWN

An accurate assessment, given that "NPC's" are the non-playable characters in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the randomly placed extras in the game that inhabit villages and countrysides and who, whenever you pass them, will speak a pre-assigned line of dialogue that serves no real purpose to the game except to provide a little authentic, if annoying, crowd noise.

The cat-callers in the "10 Hours" video are almost identical to those non-playable characters in Skyrim and similar sandbox games. The woman in the video has to do nothing but walk past her harassers and they seem to involuntarily blurt out their lines of degradation. They serve no purpose in her quest (except to irritate her) and they make her environment seem just a little less human every time she hears them speak.

Not long after that "NPC's" comment, another redditor suggested a parody video substituting the cat-calls with game dialogue. Since the Internet hates a vacuum, it only took about 4 hours before redditor KindaGoodPainter delivered this:

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