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Electricity is an essential part of how the body functions. Your neurons send electrical signals to different parts of your body, and that is how you complete tasks. Even stupid tasks, like signing waivers for an art project where you agree to be photographed while getting tased with electricity. 

Below is artist Patrick Hall's project where he somehow convinced over one hundred people to be tased for the camera. This is how he explains his motives behind this seemingly sadistic project: 

"I am always trying to make people feel comfortable in front of my camera so I can capture a real emotion from them. But what if I was able to make people feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera that I could guarantee an interesting portrait every time? "

Here are some of the resulting portraits taken at the moment each person was tased. 

(Via fstoppers

(Via fstoppers)

(Via fstoppers)

(Via fstoppers)

One of the interesting things Hall notes is that he could never predict how some people would react. Some jumped and screamed, some cursed, some appeared to enjoy the sensation. He said he even had "four guys and girls who did not react at all and seemed to be completely unphased by the 300,000 volts of electricity."

No reaction? Something tells me those people keep a taser in their nightstand next to a bottle of lube and a blindfold. 

Below is the video taken of people anxiously awaiting the pain they've signed up for and the slow-motion results. 

Even stranger than agreeing to be tased is that each person in the project was tased by either their friend or significant other. Naturally, the ones holding the taser had very different reactions to the experiment, and Hall noted that most of the people only showed remorse after the shock has been delivered. Here's a video of how the other half faired.

By the looks of the video, the remorse must have come much later than when the cameras were on them. These people look thrilled.

Distinctly satisfied customer. 

For a complete look at the series, head over to The Taser Photoshoot.

(by Myka Fox

Sources: fstoppers | h/t 22 Words