Only you can prevent barbecue-related forks in the eye.

With Memorial Day behind us, we are now officially in cookout season, so it's probably a good idea to take a moment and remind everybody not to shove eating utensils into one another's eyes as a means of solving food-related grievances. That goes for forks, knives, sporks... hell, let's just throw chopsticks in there as well. Anything that's sharpish and stabby. It's not worth it. There's gonna be more food eventually, so just take a breath, count to ten and try not to gouge.


Unfortunately, this public service announcement is coming a few days late for two women in Muncie, Indiana. According to reports, a woman named Sabrina Davis was attempting to skewer the last available rib at a backyard barbecue when another woman approached her in protest. "She was upset that Davis was taking the last rib from the kitchen," according to police. Some heated words were exchanged, and then Davis stabbed the other woman in the eye with her fork (she contends that she was defending herself after the other woman pulled a knife on her).

Anyway, Davis was arrested. The other woman was sent to the hospital for lacerations and a swollen eye, but was later released. It is currently unknown who ultimately ended up claiming the last rib.

I can't help feeling like this didn't need to happen. Yes, barbecued ribs are delicious. Some might even say that they're sufficiently delicious to justify stabbing people in the eye with a fork. The problem is that this kind of behavior is counterproductive. Think about it: what are the odds that Davis is going to be invited back to this house for another cookout? Exceedingly low. So, even if she wound up with the last rib this time, consider how many ribs she will lose out on in the future.

Sources: Fox 59