Bathing suit season. The mere mention of it is enough to make most people cringe and wish for cooler weather. But have no fear! Just because you're in peak physical condition doesn't mean there isn't a bathing suit that's right for you. Whether you have toned arms, a six pack, or a thigh gap the width of Wisconsin to show off, we have the perfect bathing suit to flatter your physically fit body. You deserve to feel good no matter what type of hot person you are! 

1. The look: A classic string bikini. 

What it flatters: Your washboard abs. 

How it works: Pro fashion tip: when you're this smokin' hot, you look better the less you have on. You've got a dreamy stomach thanks to a combination of pilates and a plant-based diet, so let the world see it! Since you have basically zero body fat, those strings will rest lightly against your skin without pulling or creating unsightly bulges. It's going to be great! Also, if we may say so, your teeth are incredibly white. Bravo.

2. The look: A bikini worn with a pair of audacious stilettos. 

What it flatters: Your tight, toned thighs, svelte ankles, and shocking calves. 

How it works: No need to be shy! Nothing says "look at my amazing swimmer's legs" like leaving them completely uncovered. You could probably just go barefoot since your gams already look surreal, but the heels emphasize what you've got to show off. Work it, girl! 

3. The look: A sleeveless bathing suit. 

What it flatters: Your slender upper arms. 

How it works: Has anyone ever told you you've got great arms? If they haven't, you've probably been covering them up for no reason at all! This summer, try wearing a tankini or one-piece without any sleeves. After all, your natural thinness combined with those hours you've put in at the gym mean you've got triceps like whoa. 

4. The look: A low-cut one-piece or halter-top bikini. 

What it flatters: Your incredible cleavage.

How it works: You may wonder if there's any bathing suit that your perky, perfectly round breasts will look sexy in. Well, wonder no more! A bathing suit that's cut down to the middle or low breastbone will make your girls look incredible. In a pinch, you'd also look great in absolutely anything else. Congrats on winning the genetic lottery!

5. The look: A two-piece in tropical colors like orange, yellow, or aqua.

What it flatters: Your entire, amazing body. 

How it works: Any brightly colored or patterned two piece will help draw the eye toward your killer physique and away from trouble spots on other people. Man, you look really good in a bathing suit. Enjoy the summer! 

(by Shira Rachel Danan)