Unrelated: that's a fun-looking synagogue in the background.

YouTube's Rhett & Link, best known for being Rhett & Link on YouTube, are having a terrible vacation where absolutely everything goes wrong, but that's OK, because at least they're not at work. 

During their adventures, they run into a lot of other YouTubers, including Dom from BroScienceLife, Shanna from HeyYoShanna, Candice from Hunan Penguin, and Shannon from Random Ass Girly Channel.

I can relate to this song, because my past 5 vacations have resulted in 1.) more time spent waiting for planes than at my actual destination, 2.) speeding tickets and a bench warrant for a spouse of mine who shall remain anonymous, and 3.) staycation, 4.) staycation, and 5) a destination wedding (just kidding, it was a staycation in which I finally watched Kim Kardashian briefly marry Kris Humphries). And yet, I was still having a blast because instead of doing nothing while sitting in front of the A.C. at work, I was doing nothing while sitting in front of the A.C. on my own time.

In the immortal words of James Franco impersonating Riff Raff: Sprang braake. Spreng brake forevvaaah.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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