Still seems like a long con. Nothing makes you want water like a peanut...and vice versa.
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Summer music festivals are awesome, except for all the ways in which they suck. One of the primary ways in which they suck is the use of a primary beverage sponsor who is the only company allowed to sell liquid refreshment to the humans at the festival. In this case, the festival was Portland, OR's Musicfest NW, and the exclusive drink monopoly was given to the Dutch beer company Heineken—something that perplexed locals who are fiercely proud of the local brewery scene. You're not allowed to bring water in (to be fair, water looks a lot like vodka), and the vendors only sell food, and Oregon did experience temperatures of 90 degrees this weekend. 

If you've ever been to a concert, sports game, convention, tourist trap, or movie theater, you know what happens when humans are put into a place where they will be thirsty and they're not allowed to leave: beverage prices rise, especially water prices. This makes sense, because it's very hard to build brand loyalty for water, so they'd rather you choose beer to cool off in the 90-degree heat. (In theory there are supposed to be drinking fountains—gross—and emergency tents—super gross—as well. But who wants totally free water?)

The Grilled Cheese Grill wasn't going to let something as minor as the law and a multi-billion-dollar beverage company that's survived two World Wars stop it, however. They were gonna sell water, dammit, even if they had to do it peanut by peanut, and they're weren't going to make the bottled water even more incredibly expensive than it already is.

We can all salute the Grilled Cheese Grill for their work in subverting the drink monopoly, but they weren't the only heroes at Musicfest this year. Check out the amazing contributions of the "Fried Egg I'm In Love" cart:

Seriously, those cups are melted. There should be free water everywhere.
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Free! But in a bucket and with cups that are melting in the heat. Melting. 

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